The Synchronia Project


The Synchronia Project is a new literary venture from editors Emily Kiernan and Joe Trinkle. It is a magazine that is also a novel, or a novel constructed by more than one author, out of more than one story.

So here’s how this works: Synchronia is gathering together a lot of writing–good writing, writing we believe in–and then we will somehow make it all work together, craft it into one thing. Synchronia is that feeling you get when you love something, when a person or an idea or whatever it is has really gotten its hooks into you, and it is “the thing” now, and you see it everywhere. It dances through your mind by way of image and odor and idea and it taints everything you experience with a sticky residue. It’s like you’ve learned a new language, except that you look around and you see that others are speaking that language, too. We think it’s these small pushes forward that keep literature moving toward wherever it’s going, traveling into the next movement, and we want to try to capture that with something more ambitious than an anthology. We want to force the project into being by taking many pieces of writing that we love and identifying the ways in which they are all speaking the same language, or telling a story about the same thing, and we’re willing or want to be pushy in that, to be brash and giddy and force things that don’t quite fit, to make too much of the tenuous connections, because in-love people are a little silly but also right. We believe it’s all the same story if you let the story get big enough.

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