The Pine Effect


The Pine Effect is Andrea Spofford’s debut collection. It is forthcoming (April, 2015) from Red Paint Hill Publishing.

Advance praise for The Pine Effect

“Somehow, Andrea Spofford has made emotion science, and science emotion. Everywhere in this collection is the pleasure of learning more than you were prepared for, and of leaving learning behind in favor of transformation. These transcendently wise poems show how life muddles designations like ‘natural’ and ‘human,’ ‘coeval’ and ‘historical.’ They converse with astronomy, ecology, meteorology, seismology, zoology; they leap into the adulterated mix.”Angela Ball

“Andrea Spofford’s debut collection is an engaging eco-poetical Bildungsroman in which Nancy Drew becomes a verb, traversed geographies stretch from hippodromes to sandstone caves, and vantage points move from the naturalist’s eye to the panoramic gaze of an explorer compelled by the personal histories of place. ‘I want to tell you about sinking ships—Andrea Doria, Monitor, RMS Rhone./ I want to tell you about black holes, twenty-million bats in darkness’-Spofford’s meticulous and striking images lead us to want to hear about it all.”Rebecca Morgan Frank
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Red Paint Hill Publishing, 2015
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