The Habiliments


The Habiliments, Joe Milazzo’s first book length collection of poetry, is forthcoming Fall 2014, or Winter 2015 from Apostrophe Books.


“Early in his poetry debut, The Habiliments, Joe Milazzo asks, “What if you are among the dis- / illusionments? What if yours is / the rescue that everyone is always / saying they’re getting the hell /out of?” This strange ironic transference turns illusion into a kind of metonymy of self-identity and conflates escape with hell. In Milazzo’s linguistic landscape “backyards explode with palaces,” “the bones of rationale begin to knob and peep,” “bone dreams merely of a snowmen’s chorus” and “your westward affections run senile like a river.” Quotidian reality wears a new syntactical and semantic garb as each poem seems to unravel language and a circadian rotation of “dreams”— ambiguously of sleep, of aspiration, of nonsense, of the fantastic, or of the banal.” – Apostrophe Books

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Apostrophe Books, 2014 / 2015
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