Lianna Kissinger-Virizlay


LKV is from Baltimore, MD. A trained dancer, actor, and singer, she received her B.A. in Religion from Princeton in 2010 where she served as an executive board member in charge of community programming for the student-run Theatre Intime. From there she drove to LA, stopping to visit her Mom in Colorado on the way. Lianna has traveled through most of Eastern and Western Europe, parts of India, Korea, South America, Australia and New Zealand and spent seven weeks practicing archaeological fieldwork on Crete, Greece in 2008. She has done research for National Geographic Explorer Elizabeth Lindsey and acted as national coordinator for the inaugural year of Speak New Words, a music video competition sponsored by the Baltimore-based non-profit, American Students’ Fund.

At CalArts, she founded the Institute’s only active student newspaper, the Eye, which she managed for two years as Editor-in-Chief. She now serves as Senior Optimization Specialist for the hospitality consulting firm, Aspire, an international training and marketing agency headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. She looks forward to her next journey.

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