Jeremy Hight


Jeremy created locative narrative in the project “34 north 118 west.”  His related paper “Narrative Archaeology”  was named one of the 4 primary texts in the field. He was new media curator and an editor for many years for LEA from MIT press.  He has published over 40 book chapters and essays on locative media, augmented reality, interface design, philosophy, semiotics, art history, experimental narrative and his writings. He will appear in two documentary films discussing his work in 2014. He has also developed a form of writing called a “memory walk”  that takes a memory and treats it as a virtual game space. It is published within a few days of each new writing at A Glimpse of. He is art director/curator for Unlikely Stories.  He currently has a project in process where he gave away a short story as a literal death of the author to computer scientists, artists and writers around the world and their works are all now considered the story. He recently  developed a new system of augmented reality poetry that works with elevation and elements of language on smart phones; it was part of a show at the Corcoran gallery in Washington D.C. He has a book of experimental prose coming out in 2014, a series of poems coming soon and has recently developed a narrative that is composed and read by the laws of quantum physics and quantum mechanics. He has lectured about his work at M.I.T, The University of Iowa , silicon valley and many universities.

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Studio City, CA
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