Courtship Ritual


Brooklyn based duo, Courtship Ritual’s debut album, Pith, is now available from GODMODE.

Praise for Courtship Ritual

“Brooklyn’s Courtship Ritual have quite a bit of confidence. The arrangements are deliberate, skeletal: a drum machine, a synthesizer or guitar loop, a vocal melody. That’s it usually. They commit to every single element. You hear it all. But you also hear the space that acts less confident would fill up.” – Nick Sylvester

“There’s something beautifully lethargic about “Wild Like Us” by Brooklyn duo Courtship Ritual. A shimmering, shoegazey guitar loop joins forces with a drum beat that sounds a good deal like the one on “Be My Little Baby,” slowed down to the point where the giant snare hit that clamps down on the downbeat actually comes as a surprise.” –  Emilie Friedlander

“Evoking the spirit of 90’s era 4AD artists like His Name Is Alive and their disquieting “Can’t Go Wrong Without You,” ominous overtones emerge from within the spaces surrounding the song’s sparse arrangement.” – Dave Cromwell

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