New Core Course and Lecture Series for CalArts’ MFA Creative Writing Program

Can writers and theorists still intervene in the world? How do they make, break and re-make worlds? Do words have more or less value in a world governed by code—in a networld? While the term “intervention” originated in the realm of the spiritual, we now tend to associate it with the political—with military and humanitarian intervention. But what of the literary or critical intervention that strives to reestablish the connection between words and worlds through the act of social imagination—that would revive the practice of “wor(l)ding”? Team-taught by MFA Creative Writing and MA Aesthetics and Politics faculty and organized around the visits of six invited speakers, this course will address these questions through presentations, seminar discussions, workshops, public debates, creative and critical writing, and the curation of a blog/book.

The course meets once per week and is team-taught by a member of the MFA and a member of the MA program and focuses on the work of six to eight invited speakers, tied together by a common theme. In 2013-2014, the course will be co-taught by Janet Sarbanes and Arne De Boever.

For more info and the schedule for guest speakers, check out the MFA Creative Writing Program page.

Lydia Davis – the Interventions’ series final fall guest