September, 2013

  • New Core Course and Lecture Series for CalArts’ MFA Creative Writing Program

    Can writers and theorists still intervene in the world? How do they make, break and re-make worlds? Do words have more or less value in a world governed by code—in a networld? While the term “intervention” originated in the realm of the spiritual, we now tend to associate it with the political—with military and humanitarian […]
  • CalArts MFA Creative Writing Program Announces the “Katie Jacobson Writer-In-Residence” Program

    When Katie Jacobson (Writing Program MFA 2010) passed away last October, her parents, Leslie Jacobson and Jeanine Caltagirone, considered several ways to honor her growing writing prowess. “We agreed that we needed to initiate something to carry on the writing she did and carry on her name,” said Caltagirone. And they decided that the tribute […]
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